Acorns Merchandise  
Acorns launched a merchandise website with a series of t-shirts and hats for our customers. In a collaborate effort I assisted as on set art direction for our merchandise website and promotional photoshoot. 
Art direction: Zakhary Kipp, Katherine Mayhew, Ari Dena
Design Director: Trevor Rogers 
Photography: Dave Tada 
Website: Ramon Barcenas 
Spend Direct Deposit Campaign
The goal of many of our lifestyle photography was to create a human aspect to the product itself. Seeing its use helped incentivize our customers to further use our features and product. This campaign helped boost our incentive to connect their Acorns debit card as their direct deposit. 
Art direction: Ari Dena, Katherine Mayhew
Photography: Zakhary Kipp 
Animation: Lenny Baskin

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